ICF 26th Annual Cricket Match Set For Saturday


The Indo-Caribbean Federation will present its Annual Cricket Match for the ICF Trophy on Saturday, Aug. 13, beginning at 11 a.m. A Guyana XI will take on a Caribbean Invitational XI, with guest players from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The venue is Baisley Pond Park Cricket Field.

The notable Guyanese journalist and sports commentator, Joseph “Reds” Perriera, will be making an appearance at the game He will be in the Big Apple as a special guest of the Atlantis Cricket Club, celebrating its 50th anniversary of formation. Thanks go to John Aaron for securing the appearance of Reds for the ICF game, John has been working closely with the federation over the years assisting with the cricket match. If you were fortunate enough to listen to Reds in his day, you would have listened to one of the best, not only in the Caribbean, but the world. He was just dynamic. Come out and meet him and have a chat with him.

Many exciting players have been invited to take part in the game. Few have represented the USA in ICC tournaments, while there are others who have played representative cricket for their country of origin. Some of the notable players named so far are: Karan Ganesh, Michael Noble, Mark Tyrell, Akshay Homraj, Sharaz Ramcharran, Andre Kirton, Terrence Madramootoo, and the hard-hitting Faisal Taj, David Mohamed, Chris Powell, Balchan Baldeo and Syed Abdullah. Over the past few Saturdays you cricket fans have been entertained at the Rockaway T20 NY Cricket Fiesta. Hundreds of you have traveled to Fort Lauderdale and whetted your appetite for exciting cricket at the CPL games. Many of you, maybe, have watched the WI vs India tests, or even the Sri Lanka vs. England test matches. Now you will satiate your appetite with the third format of the game: an “ODI” (40 0vers, not 50).

In the past years the Annual ICF games have been very exciting. Fans had enough to scream about supporting their respective teams. Apart from the cricket, it was times for friends who have not seen each other in years to rekindle their bonds. It’s an opportunity to meet other cricket fans whom you have never met, and create new friendships. Bring your family; invite some friends and enjoy the half-time entertainment. Bring your picnic basket and, of course, your cooler, filled with your favorite “invigorating” beverages. It will be a day of fun for all!

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