In Da Court Room

Rapper and South Jamaica native Curtis James Jackson III, aka 50 Cent, was featured as the guest editor of the Daily News’ Confidenti@l page a few weeks ago, but this week he found himself in the Gossip section.

Fitty CentFitty is being sued by Lastonia Leviston for emotional distress after he posted a video on YouTube in 2010 of her having sex with a former boyfriend.

Leviston is a former girlfriend of Rick Ross and mother to his child. Ross and Jackson have a long-standing rivalry, which prompted 50 to alter the video to put his own face on the male in the video before uploading it for the world to see.

The jury selection for the trial will begin May 26, despite 50 Cent’s request to delay it until October.

We here at QConf are just wondering if Fitty would have used his editorial judgment to plaster his own dirty laundry in the News if he was in charge this week.

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