Inspiring People To Reach For Their Dreams


Dr. R. Simone Lord Marcelle


A regular jack of all trades, Dr. R. Simone Lord Marcelle through her work as a pastor, author, founder and president of the Southeast Queens Chamber of Commerce and more, tries to give back and encourage others to get involved in the community and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

“I inspired a whole lot of people to go on and do great things, I have and continue to do that,” said Marcelle.

Looking to improve the quality of life in the community, the Southeast Queens Chamber of Commerce is an organization geared toward strengthening the businesses, families, residents and youth of the community.

“It was started to organize the struggling small businesses of Southeast Queens especially, to help the businesses thrive and prosper,” said Marcelle.

Many residents in the community, Marcelle, said do not support the small businesses and the Chamber of Commerce group has made efforts to change the view of the community.

The group has worked on improving the look of store fronts along South Road leading to Rockaway Boulevard and other areas that Marcelle considered “forgotten”. The group’s beautification efforts included installing street pole banners and planting flowers among other things.

“We just want to create change and this change will trickle down improving residents’ quality of life in Southeast Queens,” said Marcelle. “The grand idea is that we can affect change by starting off small. People may not see how it’s all connected but you have to start somewhere.”

The group also adopted a highway on the Van Wyck Expressway and Linden Boulevard and thanks to their cleanup efforts Marcelle said she has seen small improvements in the community.

“Awareness has increased and it’s helped the residents to realize this is where I live and let them know to reach out and get involved a little more,” said Marcelle. “If we as a community paid more attention to the look of our community and take more pride in it we can build up the community into a vibrant and thriving one.”

The message of getting involved in the community is one that Marcelle said she preaches to members of her congregation. As pastor of Peoples First Baptist Church located at 147-12 Archer Ave in Jamaica, Marcelle encourages them and others to “come out from the four walls of the church and go into the community and shed some light into the darkness.”

As a resident in Jamaica for approximately 12 years, Marcelle said “the community needs help,” although too often, people in the community, including those in churches, make excuses and are reluctant to act.

“We can’t just sit inside the church and pray. We have to get out into the community and take action,” said Marcelle. “We have to come out and do more to get a better quality of life.”

Instead of making excuses and relying on politicians, Marcelle who often helps with the commerce’s projects like cleanup and planting flowers, urged people to change their ideas of leadership and serve the community more.
“It starts with you and I. If we as community members and residents work to improve the community, we can make a difference, each one of us,” said Marcelle.

As a servant of God, Marcelle said she is called on to “inspire others and bring about change in the community.”
Marcelle’s strong faith has influenced her work as an autho,r and through her books she tries to help people live their dreams.

“I like to help people get all the things that God promised them,” said Marcelle. “God promises so much; there is so much abundance in the Bible and I really just want to help people access all of it.”

People, Marcelle said have the power to “speak things into existence and manifest whatever we want” and in her books, she teaches how to manifest things like money, power, abundance and more.

“All these things are within our reach; people don’t know how to manifest them so I show them how to make it happen,” said Marcelle.

Her latest book, “Get Out of Your Cage” is one Marcelle said she really likes as it “gives you keys to living the best and most free life.”

“Free from addiction or guilt, it shows you can win the fight; this book is about winning,” said Marcelle. As a self-proclaimed artist she added. “I use my words as my art to show people another picture, a picture where they can truly win and live victoriously.”

Because of her accomplishments, Marcelle said she is often asked to speak at various events.

Marcelle also wrote for her own publication “Around Town Magazine,” which she started in 2009 and centered on faith based issues and some community events.

“I wanted to transform lives and to show people they could achieve all things through Christ,” said Marcelle.

Aside from one other reporter, Marcelle said, she did much of the work including writing stories and selling ads. Through her work with the magazine Marcelle was invited as press to meet President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, which she described as “miraculous.”

“I am proof that if you dream it you can do it,” said Marcelle. “My writing took me to the White House and I’m so happy for that because it’s not often that a reporter, especially one who’s self made, gets that opportunity.”

In addition to all that she has accomplished, Marcelle also works to help people in the community as President and Founder of the non profit organization, Royal People Group. Partnered with the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, the group ran a community learning center in Jamaica where they helped the youth and others in the community improve their quality of life, according to Marcelle.

Marcelle encourages anyone to “live the dream they have inside.”

“Whatever you can dream you can do it just believe it and take action!,” said Marcelle.

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