It’s Not Too Late!


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:6

It’s not too late to accomplish everything God has placed in your heart. No matter your age, your condition or your background, you have not missed your window of opportunity. God still has seasons of favor on reserve for you in your life and is prepared to interject them at the most opportune time.

You need to declare today that this is your time, your moment and your season to enjoy God’s goodness, grace and mercy on your life. The very fact that you are still among the land of the living is proof enough that God is still awaiting to bless you with miracles that will astound the wise. Each day you wake up is a day of possibilities of supernatural and uncommon accomplishments you can achieve in your life.

The same way Paul was speaking to Timothy in this scripture today, God is speaking to you. Paul had to remind Timothy that he needed to stir up his gift that God has placed inside of him. I want to remind you today that you have a unique gift that God has placed inside of you to exercise into a reality that will make a difference in your life and the lives you influence.

Many of you reading this article today had mothers and grandmothers who prayed for your success even before you were born. They were recipients of God’s favor and prayed that you would also be a witness to the goodness of God’s daily grace and mercies. Paul reminded Timothy that your grandmother, Lois, and your mother, Eunice, both were blessed by God and walked in the purpose that God has given them. He continued to explain to Timothy that they were full of gifts and talents— and so are you. It’s in your blood line to be successful, to accomplish every dream, to overcome every obstacle.

Many times, we put off what we know what God wants us to do. Things that we know are the right thing to do. Maybe some of us need to forgive someone that has done us wrong. Some may need to finally act on getting back in shape and having a better attitude. Maybe working towards that goal of writing a book or starting a new business should finally find its way on on that to-do list.

Although we know God wants us to succeed, we often make excuses. It’s easy to talk yourself out of your dream, but God never gives up on us. He is waiting for you to make up your mind and say, “Today is the day I will begin to accomplish my dream.” You may plan to give up or quit, but God has every intention of helping you to accomplish every goal. The good thing about God is that He will never abort the purpose He has placed inside of you. You may have put your dreams on hold for a week, a year or even 20 years, but God is saying to you today that it is not too late.

Like Paul told Timothy, it’s just a matter of getting started! You can become everything God has intended for you to become. Therefore, it’s time for you to take this moment and rise up in faith and begin to fan the flame inside of you. Take charge of this moment of your life and say, “I wasted enough time.” Take the necessary steps to pursue the hobbies, opportunities and goals that have been in your heart.

This is the time to release the junk in your life, break bad habits and remove the negative influences that surround you. It is not too late to accomplish everything God has placed in your heart. God bless!

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