Jamaica Man Charged With Attempted Murder of Two Officers

A Jamaica man could face up to 25 years in jail after being charged last week with the attempted murder of two police officers after being pulled over for running a stop sign and having a defective taillight, the Queens district attorney said.

Kyle Freistat, 38, allegedly dragged an officer with his car and clipped the other on the arm while trying to flee the scene.

“This case clearly illustrated how dangerous police work is,” Queens DA Richard Brown said.

According to the charges, 103rd Precinct officers Daniel Gaspertti and Anthony Arlistico, pulled over Freistat on July 26 in his black Nissan Maxima near 173-11 110th Ave. in Jamaica.

Freistat then allegedly refused to leave his car when the officers asked him to do so. Gaspertti opened the driver’s side door to get the defendant out of his car. Freistat allegedly hit the gas, accelerating the Nissan to a high speed, which trapped Gaspertti in the vehicle’s opened driver’s side door and dragged him until Freistat struck a parked car.

Arlistico approached the car and tried to open the passenger’s side door. Freistat then allegedly put the car in reverse and the officer had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

As he was being placed under arrest, Freistat allegedly flailed his arms and twisted his body in an attempt to avoid being handcuffed. A knife was allegedly recovered from the floor Freistat’s car, as well as a loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

Gaspertti was taken to a hospital for numerous lacerations, bruising, swelling and a broken right kneecap. Arlistico was also treated at the hospital for his injuries. in Freistat’s car.

–Jon Cronin

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