Jazzhands Testifying

At a hearing last month of the City Council’s Cultural Affairs Committee, attendees could not hold back their excitement of the New York City arts world.

The hearing, held on March 20 and featuring former Queens Museum head and now Department of Cultural Affairs Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl, discussed how the proposed budget would affect the City agency, which oversees nearly three dozen City-owned museums and cultural institutions, as well public arts programs,

Jimmy JazzhandsWhen the committee’s chairman, Queens’ own Jimmy Van Bramer, brought up the popularity of the arts in the City, cheers erupted from the audience.

But in the formal chambers of City government, such outbursts are a no-no. Van Bramer, who was empathetic with the excited hearing attendees, kindly reminded them to show decorum, and should they want to express their approval, they could do so quietly – by showing the palms of their hands and wiggling their fingers.

We at QConf can’t help but wonder which is more distracting, the “Woot! Woot!” of the crowd in a City Hall committee room, or a bunch of people doing jazzhands instead.

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