Katz’s “Dream” For Queens’ Future

On Friday, Queens Borough President Melinda Katz laid out her vision for the borough for the next 12 years, citing more affordable housing, better transportation options, an alleviation of overcrowded schools and protections for Queens immigrants.

It was a hopeful vision during an era that feels drained of hope. Whether Katz’s numerous—and ambitious—proposals will come to fruition remains to be seen, but she deserves praise for addressing some of the biggest challenges facing Queens.

During her speech, Katz called for additional funding to help ensure that the borough’s schools no longer remain among the city’s most overcrowded and incentives to draw companies—such as Amazon, which is seeking a second headquarters—to Queens. She also pushed for options to address the borough’s “transit deserts,” such as a light-rail project that had been introduced by former Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley. We believe that all of these initiatives would benefit the borough.

But while Katz focused her speech mostly on the borough’s future, she also noted how Queens residents can play an important role in the national conversation during an uncertain time: “Resist the spread of fear, still seek out the truth, exercise local power against increasingly authoritarian policies, vote.” This is advice that we believe should be heeded.

In her speech, Katz told the audience that “you gotta dream.” Her dream for the future of Queens is that the borough will finally get its fair share of city resources. It’s a dream that we can get behind.


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