Kew Gardens To Get Eight-Floor Apt. Building

Courtesy of Bluarch Architects

An eight-floor building with a unique architectural design has been planned for Curzon Road in Kew Gardens, according to plans filed with the city’s Department of Buildings.

The real estate website YIMBY first reported the development when plans for the building were filed with the DOB on Sept. 26.

Six rounded balconies jut out from the corner of the building—which boats an Art Deco style—and the top of the structure could provide residents with views of nearby Forest Park.

The apartment building is listed as having eight floors with 21,376 square feet of residential space, which will be spread out between 35 units. YIMBY noted that the units could be 650 square feet apiece, a sign that the developer could turn the building into rental units.

The building will occupy two addresses—83-61 116th Rd. and 116-02 Curzon Rd. The site’s formal address listed on the DOB’s website is the 116th Road address. There are two red-brick residential buildings currently occupying the spaces.

No permits have been filed for the demolition of the two buildings. According to the DOB, Vincenzo Maimone, of Curzon Development LLC in Whitestone, is the developer.

-Jon Cronin

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