Laurelton Gets New Waste Bins

In an attempt to address litter issues in Southeast Queens’ City Council District 31, Councilman Donovan Richards (D-Laurelton) announced funding this week for new waste bins in Laurelton.


“Residents of District 31 should not have to settle for litter-filled streets,” said Richards. “Supplying the community with better waste baskets in more locations is a step in the direction of cleaner streets and an improved quality of life.”

For the current fiscal year, Richards allocated $14,625 in funding to the Department of Sanitation for 26 new bins.

The new waste baskets have been placed on the following street corners: Springfield and Merrick Blvds., 223rd Street and Merrick Boulevard, 224th Street and Merrick Boulevard, 226th Street and Merrick Boulevard, 229th Street and Merrick Boulevard, Francis Lewis and Merrick Boulevards, 232nd Street and Merrick Boulevard, 234th Street and Merrick Boulevard, Laurelton Parkway and Merrick Boulevard, Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 79th Street, Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 80th Street, Mott and Central Avenues, Beach 21st Street, Beach 22nd Street and Mott Avenue, Mott and Redfern Avenues, Mott Avenue and Beach 20th Street, Mott and Cornaga Avenues, 225th Street and Merrick Boulevard and Rockaway Boulevard and 158th Street.

–Ariel Hernandez

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