Legend Baggage Thief May Face Seven Years

A 64-year-old Corona man has been convicted of stealing Academy Award winning singer and songwriter John Legend’s Louis Vuitton luggage from John F. Kenney International Airport, Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said.

According to court testimony, Legend said that the luggage contained his clothing, toiletries and a pair of Cartier panther-head cufflinks that were of sentimental value. The luggage was left unattended at Terminal 4 JFK when it was swiped by Agustin Hilario, of 101st Street.

During a week-long trial in which Legend testified at Queens Criminal Court, Hilario was easily spotted on Port Authority security cameras. The footage showed Hilario taking the luggage from an unattended cart, leaving the terminal, getting into a car then driving away.

Legend testified that the cufflinks were given to him by his wife, model Chrissy Teigen. She had given him the diamond and green stone accessories as an anniversary gift, and Legend noted that she had spent a long time searching for them. He added that his high school mascot was a panther.

The cufflinks are estimated to worth between $25,000 and $30,000 and the luggage was approximately $3,000. The defendant ultimately returned the bag and its contents to Port Authority Police, who reunited Legend with his belongings.

Hilario was identified by a Port Authority officer and immediately called on his cell phone. After he never returned the calls, a NYPD officer called a friend of Hilario, and then the defendant called back and promised to return the bag to the airport. But Hilario did not return the bag at the designated time.

Hilario will be sentenced on March 12 and faces up to seven years in prison.

–Jon Cronin

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