Loving You Is Killing Me


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Judges 16:15
In the story of Sampson and Delilah, there are many points one can learn about how to deal with people who we allow to get close to our hearts. According to the Bible, love is patient and kind—it does not envy or boast. Nor is it proud, and it doesn’t easily anger or dishonor others. In watching how Delilah treats Sampson, someone with whom she claimed to be in love, she must not have read the biblical definition of love.
We sometimes allow people to get close to us who are extremely hazardous to our future. When God has placed an anointing on our life, we must be selective of those with whom we allow to share intimate moments. Someone reading this today might know exactly what I mean. Often, it might seem like a task to maintain a relationship or marriage that you are currently in. I feel badly for Sampson that he had to go through so much humiliation and pain toward the end of his life, but when we look at this story closely, there were a lot of warnings that were given to Sampson before Delilah was successful in removing his powers.

From time to time, we overlook the warning signs that God gives us when it comes to others in our life. Because we overlook the signs, we therefore reap the consequences. Our first priority is to obey the commands of God and lean not on our own understanding, but acknowledge Him first and He will direct our paths. Sampson may have been the strongest in the land, but he was lacking in wisdom and knowledge. It is due to the lack of knowledge that people perish.

When we maintain a good relationship with God, we share His spirit. It is spirit that recognizes spirit, and I believe if Sampson was humbled and stayed focus on God, he would have detected a wolf on the prowl under all those fine clothes, jewelry and makeup. Things have not changed much, even thousands of years later. We still have unequally matched couples, in which one person is putting in 100 percent in the relationship and the other is not even contributing at all. I don’t believe God places people together to struggle through life, especially when the Bible declared that the Lord said He has come to give us life more abundantly.

These poisonous people to whom we have attached ourselves probably came about because we have not worked on God’s time schedule and allowed our flesh to dictate our future. When we operate in the flesh, we shall reap things of the flesh—but when we operate in the spirit, we will reap things of the spirit. In other words, the flesh produces heartaches, disappointments, stress, disease and unfaithfulness—whereas, the spirit brings forth good fruit, prosperity, production, progression and joy.

Sampson operated in the flesh and he reaped a life of stress and pain for just minutes of pleasure in the bedroom. Do yourself a favor and evaluate the relationships in which you are involved. Some might need adjusting or boundaries. Whatever it takes for you to walk in God’s favor and be all that you can be with a minimal amount of negativity, I would suggest you do so. Selfish people only care about themselves, no matter how much they say they love you. Don’t be fooled by what people say, look at what they do. Their actions will tell it all. God bless you!

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