Malikka Kateron: A Devotion To Justice


Malikka D. Kateron


Malikka D. Kateron—who is the associate director for policy, education, government and external affairs at B’Above Worldwide Institute—not only works to serve the children and families within her community, but plans to devote her life to educating the public about economic, social and environmental justice, which she hopes to do through policy and programming.

Kateron was born in Brooklyn, but moved at an early age to Addisleigh Park in St. Albans. She said that she visits her childhood home every day to see her parents, brother and sister.

“That community is very special to me,” she said. “I’m still very much engaged in the community and I still consider Queens my home.”

Kateron’s parents and paternal and maternal grandparents were community oriented and instilled in her the importance of community and family.

“Everything my family has taught me is vital in who I am and what I believe,” Kateron said.

Although Kateron has a full-time obligation to the 13 sites she oversees within B’Above Worldwide Institute—in addition to being responsible for overall program/project development, facilitation and implantation—she is also a member of several local organizations, such as the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Queens Hospital Center’s Community Advisory Board, JFK Rotary, United Nations Association, Queens Borough President’s Jamaica NOW Leadership Council and Greater Queens Chapter.

Kateron said that there is no particular organization that she prioritizes since “they are all community service oriented and are all targeted in different lenses.”

“It’s all about community and empowerment,” Kateron said. “In order for people to take the necessary steps to move forward, they need to feel empowered. I hope to help people find fulfillment and joy and to help them reach their full potential, which I believe is something my family as a whole has always done. It’s part of being a citizen of the society.”

In addition to paying a trip to her home borough every day to see her family, Kateron attends many of the events that take place in Southeast Queens, whether it’s one regarding the development in Downtown Jamaica or an event at the neighborhood Democratic Club.

“There are always things happening in the community,” Kateron said.

Last week, Kateron appeared as a host to talk about the history of Addisleigh Park at an event known as “Tasty Delight.”

“There is such a vast history in the area I grew up and it’s important to keep that alive in order to take us forward,” Kateron said. “It’s important that you know your history, so that you know where you’re going. Whatever you’re trying to do, you need to know the history in order to move forward.”

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