Malliotakis Campaigns In Queens For Mayor

Mayoral candidate Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island) said on Wednesday that the low turnout for the Democratic primary was a reflection of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s base being unwilling to endorse him again.

“Only 11 percent of registered Democrats came out to cast a vote for Bill de Blasio,” Malliotakis said. “There a lot of people that are not motivated to come out and support him.”

She reiterated that many city residents do not stand with the mayor on his policies to improve transit, homelessness or education.

“I represent the disenchanted people in New York City, the ones who are paying more taxes than ever and not getting results,” she said.

While touring Queens on Wednesday morning, Malliotakis met with seniors at the Woodhaven Senior Center on 91st Street. She said that she spoke to a number of residents about crime, homelessness and paying rising property taxes and water bills on a fixed income.

“I get a great response wherever I go in Queens,” she said. “People in Queens have been battered by this mayor.”

As a representative of Staten Island, another “outer borough,” she believes that she can sympathize with Queens’ lack of transit options and traffic disasters

Earlier this summer, the Queens Republican Party initially endorsed independent candidate Bo Dietl for mayor, but have since publicly endorsed Malliotakis.

“That’s another key to victory,” she said, “We need to work together.”

-Jon Cronin

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