Man Convicted Of Attempted Statutory Rape

A Brooklyn man was convicted this week for allegedly attempting to engage in sexual conduct with an undercover officer whom he believed to be a 14-year-old girl, the Queens district attorney said.

In May 2014, a vice detective from the city’s Police Department was operating as an undercover 14-year-old girl from Queens when Eslam M. Abdeledayem, 33, of Brooklyn, began to instant message the girl on AOL. The conversation then escalated from instant messaging to text messaging and Abdeledayem sent a photo of his genitals. A few weeks later, Abdeledayem indicated that he wanted to meet up with the girl for sex and set up a time and place.
When Abdeledayem arrived at the location, he was greeted by the undercover police officer and arrested at the scene.

“The internet is a valuable learning tool for young people, however, it is also a doorway for sexual predators to gain access to children,” said Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Following a two-day-trial, a jury found that Abdeledayem is guilty of second-degree attempted rape.

“This defendant actively sought out a teenage girl and shared sexually explicit messages and a photo and tried to lure the child to meet in person for sexual intercourse,” said Brown. “A jury has spoken and found the defendant guilty. He will be incarcerated for his egregious and illegal actions.”

Abdeledayem will be back in court on Oct. 26 for sentencing, during which he may face up to four years in prison.

–Ariel Hernandez

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