Martin Van Buren Starts New Programs


Principal Sam Sochet announced last week that the school will be introducing a number of new programs to the curriculum for students to take advantage of.

The new programs, of which there are three, come as a result of a $4 million grant from the state Department of Education awarded to the school in 2013.

Martin Van Buren High School

Martin Van Buren High School

The four new programs include a Pre-Med/Pre-Nursing Program, an Engineering and Robotics Design program, and a Pre-Law and Leadership Program. Martin Van Buren has teamed up with a number of institutions on these programs including the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, New York University Polytechnic and the City University of New York. All three programs will offer students college credits through the CUNY system and will give them a leg up on the skills they’ll need to pursue the appropriate career field.

In addition to the new programs, the school is also improving many of its own resources. These new additions include new Smart Boards, increased security and safety on the school premise, expansion of the school library, improving the school’s Parent Engagement Initiative as well as the resources for special needs students and finally, the establishment of Faculty Seminars, which will address the concerns of teachers.

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