Mayor: Record Drop For April Crime In NYC


Mayor Bill de Blasio and city Police Commissioner James O’Neill announced on Thursday the lowest crime statistics in the history of the history of the Compstat-era.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (fourth from left), NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill (fifth from left) and NYPD representatives discuss crime stats in Jamaica.

Mayor Bill de Blasio (fourth from left), NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill (fifth from left) and NYPD representatives discuss crime stats in Jamaica.

The Compstat database has only been used since 1993. In the 24 years since it was introduced, the NYPD has brought index crimes down significantly.

There were 7,917 index crimes reported in April last year and 7,377 during the same period of time this year. It is a reduction of 540 crimes or a 6.8 percent decrease, O’Neill said.

“Using precision policing, we continue to focus on the few responsible for most of our violence. And neighborhood policing is strengthening our relationships with every community, building trust that is critical to further reducing crime,” said O’Neill.

The commissioner also announced that the city had 540 fewer index crimes in April 2017 than during the same period of time last year. This year, there are 1,611 fewer crimes than in 2016 so far, according to NYPD Chief of Operations Dermot Shea.

O’Neill said that, in Queens, the 105th Precinct had done an “excellent job” of decreasing grand theft auto incidents and the Queens South district has been targeting two gangs in the area. In recent months, O’Neill said that there were two take-downs on the Rockaway peninsula that affected those gangs.

Although there is no hard data to correlate the NYPD’s new Neighborhood Coordinating Officer program with the drop in crime, the mayor said that he knew first-hand about information from the NCO program leading to arrests.
De Blasio noted that the record drop in arrests and the large number of guns being taken off the street are a sign that the NCO program is working.

Rapes went up slightly over the past year—there were 119 in April 2016 and 124 during the same period of time in 2017. The NYPD executive staff was asked about overall domestic violence issues in the last year and under which category these rapes fell. Shea said that rapes among people who knew each other were down, but up with among those who were acquaintances.

“It’s a stubborn crime,” he said, but added that the NYPD has been able to reduce the number of incidents during “the past five to 10 years.”

“The city is on pace for a record year in lows for shootings and homicides,” de Blasio said. “These trends are a testament to the NYPD’s effective precision and neighborhood policing models that aim to root out violent crime in the small pockets where it still exists and work with the public to build trust and stop crime before it starts. The recent introduction of body cameras into the patrol force will play an important role in bolstering the trust that has grown between police and community, helping to make our city even safer.”

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