Mother Of The Year – WINNER: Age 13 and Up

Kayla Plaisir, 13
Mom: Stephanie Feauiere, Cambria Heights

Since I was younger my mother was always there for me. Always has my back and takes good care of me. But, she has done something for me that really has changed our lives., My mother took this issue and fixed it so my sister and I could be happy. I really do appreciate it. Everyday I hope she knows that I love and care for her.

My mother is the best women in the world because she ended a crazy relationship for me. What happened was my sisters day treated me like trash. My sisters day had a strong hatred towards me. Since I was little I didn’t know that this was child abuse. Some of the things he would do to me or even say to me hurt. He would throw my items out the window. Also, kick my chair. At most times he wouldn’t even let me near my sister. It took my mom time to really notice.

But, when she did she stopped him from doing it. She told him that he needs to set an example for his child. Also, that is this how he would treat his daughter. Then, she left him and now it’s just us three. My mother, sister and I are very lucky. I’m thankful to have a type of mother I have. She will stand by my side no matter what.

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