Mother Of The Year – WINNER: Age 13 and Up

Amanda Zukas, 14
Mom: Milagros, Middle Village

Today during science class I learned about diamonds. They are eye-catching and beautiful with their superlative physical qualities and can withhold anything thrown at them. They are precious and loved and are every jeweler’s favorite treasure. But most of all, they are strong.

The mere notion of the darling stone rings a bell so loud it’s nearly deafening. If one could describe the definition of diamond, it would be my mother, two worlds nearly synonymous. However there is one flaw in this conviction, for diamonds are hard and brittle and my mother is everything but.

She is warm and kind and loving and every other tacky phrase alike. While there is merely enough paper in the world to record how wonderful she is, there also aren’t any words that fit quite right to match her utter extravagance. There aren’t any words to capture how I truly feel, and diamond certainly isn’t suitable. She surpasses the definition and then some and I can never find the right way to say it but mom, to the ends of Earth and back I will love you until the day I no longer stand. If perfect existed, mom, that’s you.

I know is my heart you were born to be a mother and you’ve been doing one hell of a job. Everything I am now is thanks to you and in my honest opinion, the title of ‘Mother of the Year’ isn’t even fitting. Nothing can quite match or label the astounding person I’m lucky enough to call mom.

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