Mother Of The Year – WINNER: Age 8 and Under

Annette M. Ajai, 6
Mom: Jaisy Mathew, Glen Oaks

My mom is the best mom. Everyday she takes care of everything and everyone’s need. She always asks me how my day was, also what’s the new or good thing I learned for the day when I’m back from school. She helps me in my studies and projects. My projects are always the best in the class. My teachers and classmates love my work. My mom helps and gives me ideas to make my projects more interesting.

My mom always make me try new things. She take me swimming, Taekwondo and singing classes. We do many fun things together. Last summer I went to India. I tried sailing, fishing, rope climbing, horse riding and many other things. I was scared at first but my mom helped and guided me. She encouraged me which gave me confidence. My mom always makes me believe that I can become strong, brave and bold by learning from my mistakes and fear.

My mom knows what is best for me. She know what I want or what I’m going to say even before I let her know about it. She says it’s a God’s gift to all mommys. Sometimes I get in trouble but my mom never gets made at me. She explains me how I can have fun without getting in trouble. If I’m sad, my mom makes me smile by comforting me with hugs and kisses.

I remember how my mom donated all her hair to kids who needed it during last Christmas. She looked beautiful with her long hair but she looks even more beautiful now as she always makes everyone happy. I wish I can be like my mom who is strong, brave, kind, selfless and loving. Thank you mom for always being with me and for all your love.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

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