Mother Of The Year – WINNER: Age 8 and Under

Anahita Haque, 7
Mom: Aditi, South Richmond Hill

My mom is special, because she brought me in this beautiful world. She is special as she went through huge sufferings and pains before and after my birth.

When I was little, she passed sleepless nights for taking care of me and still she wakes up at the middle of night to see if I am warm under my blanket.

She cooks yummy foods and loves to cook my favorite items often. She always helps me to do my homework properly and to select interesting books at the Library.

When I first went to school she used to take me to school everyday and stood outside the school gate until the class started.

Mom teaches me to draw, helps me to make cards on special occasions and we make different things together. She will teach me to sew, knit and paint on glass in future. We love books, so, we read books together and discuss about those.

Mom is special, as passing time with her is fun and we share everything like friends. Mom loves nature and teaches me how to love nature too.

She is special as she always tells me to be a good human being and take care of all creatures on earth. My mom is special as she cares and is always there for me.

She is special as she will always love me no matter what happens and she is special as I am very special to her.

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