Mother Of The Year – WINNER: Age 9 to 12

Armani Maharjan, 10
Mom: Rajya, Woodside

My mom is special because of many reasons, but there is one sad reason too. My mom’s left hand got burned in fire when she was only six months old. Since then, she had a disability. My mom had to write, cook, feed, carry etc. with only one hand. I am not supposed to be alive right now because there was something wrong in my mom’s body, and it got passed down to me. They were going to throw me out, but my mom said she wanted to keep me no matter what.

The nights when I had my asthma attacks, my mom would stay up the whole night looking after me. When I coughed, she would pat my back and give me water. At 12:00, 7:00, or even 2:00, she would wake me up, give me medicine, and put me back to sleep. She would carry me and take me to the bathroom.

Every night, I get a hug and kiss from my mom for sweet dreams. I also get a hug and kiss in the morning for good luck. In the afternoon, my mom would come back from work very tired, but she always managed to make a playdate for me.

When I was 10 months, I would cross my fingers like a good luck sign and no one taught me. My mom said I did this because I was special. I intend to make this true by accomplishing my goal of becoming a scientist. This will make my mom the proudest and happiest mom in the world. (Although, she says she already is) I wouldn’t be able to live without my mom. I love my mom more than anything else in the whole wide world. Thank you mom!

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