Mother Of The Year – WINNER: Age 9 to 12

Angelina Oppedisano, 11
Mom: Marlina Commisso, Bayside

My mom, Marlina Vittoria Commisso, is the best mom in the world because she is caring, understanding, generous, and outgoing all rolled into one. My mom is caring because she works at a school for children with special needs and she also cares for three children of her own.

My mom is understanding because whenever I am feeling down she tries to put herself in my shoes and do her best to make me feel like I am not alone. My mom is generous because during Hurricane Sandy, she helped collect clothes and toys for people who lose their homes.

My mom also gave up her education to take care of me and my siblings so we could have the best life possible. My mom is outgoing because she always tries to get me to do something new like painting or gardening or even some sort of report. My mom encourages me to make new friends and to make sure no one is ever left out. She has always been the type of person who puts others needs before hers.

Besides helping the hurricane Sandy victims, my mom has also donated all of the furniture that we were not going to use to people serving in the army so they would have a couch to sit on and a nice cozy bed to get a good nights sleep. One of the most special thing about my mom is that she as well as my Aunt started a foundation for my Uncle who lost his life to lung cancer.

This foundation is called Tony’s Angels and it is a foundation that raises money to help families who have lost a loved one from lung cancer. So, as you ca see, my mom is a pretty special person. She means so much to me and I want her to know that she means so much to me and I want her to know that she is my hero.

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