Mother Shot And Killed In South Ozone Park



A new mother was shot and killed on Sunday morning in South Ozone Park following a dispute with her boyfriend.

Police said that they responded to a 911 call reporting an assault at a home located on 147th Street around 2:03 p.m. Upon arriving at the residence, 34-year-old Luz Cuza was discovered dead in her home with a gunshot wound to the head. She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

Cuza’s boyfriend, 31-year-old Robert Rodriguez of Cambria Heights, was suspected in the shooting. Police said that Rodriguez allegedly tried to flee the scene of the crime, but was arrested in connection with the shooting.

According to the New York Post, Ray Garcia, Cuza’s brother, was at the residence when the shooting took place. He said that the couple had been together for a year and a half and recently had their first child. Rodriguez allegedly frequently carried a firearm, according to Garcia.

Garcia said that when he witnessed Rodriguez holding the weapon and walking towards the rear of the home where his sister was at the moment, he didn’t think much of it. Cuza reassured him that Rodriguez wouldn’t harm her. As Garcia was walking around the house, he heard a shot. He rushed to the back of the house to find his sister on the ground bleeding from the head.

Police investigate the fatal shooting of a South Ozone Park mother. Photo by Robert Stridiron

Police investigate the fatal shooting of a South Ozone Park mother. Photo by Robert Stridiron

Garcia said he “never thought” that Rodriguez would use the weapon, especially against the mother of his son.

Rodriguez has since been charged with second degree murder, criminal possession of a controlled substance, two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of marijuana.

The victim’s mother, 61-year-old Eugenia Arizemendi, is looking to gain custody of the victim’s child.
Police are still investigating the shooting.

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