Mothers Rock!



Editor’s Note: Rev. Craig wrote this special message dedicated to mom for Mother’s Day weekend.

Scripture: Matthew 15:21-28

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all. Whether you have given birth to a little one or have been the maternal figure in someone’s life, I believe that every responsible person who has played this vital role deserves some appreciation every day. A mother’s love and her heart are like none other. In Matthew, chapter 15, verses 21 through 28, the scripture captures only a small clip of what a mother’s heart is capable of feeling. It’s in this scripture that a mother demonstrates that there is no limit to what she would do for her child.

The heart of a mom is caring, discerning, helpful, persistent and full of faith. I want to thank and honor all the moms who have persevered and raised their kids. It is often a thankless job. Under the suits, uniforms, jeans and sneakers, mothers are practically expected to don a blue body suit, a red cape and a white “S” on her chest. They are expected to perform supernatural tasks. A super-mom somehow finds the time to fulfill the roles of being a nurse and doctor, counselor and caregiver. They need to function 24 hours, 365 days a year, rain or shine, sick or not, sleep or no sleep. They are up before the kids wake and go to bed sometimes long after the kids are tucked in. And that’s not even accounting for their love towards a spouse. They are expected to assume a romantic role whether the kids are away or not.

They are expected, almost mandated by society, to do all these things, pulling them off with the utmost efficiency. But somehow, they meet these standards and often exceed them, all with a smile on their faces and the sweetest of attitudes.

I can only imagine that many moms may often feel undervalued, unappreciated and unrecognized.

In spite of the oversight from the kids who don’t recognize all that you do, and from your husbands who don’t appreciate all that you do, the Prophet Isaiah reminds us in the book of Isaiah, chapter 66, verse 13, that “as a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.” So, with all that said, allow me to be the first to say: Moms rock! And may God continue to bless you above and beyond all that you can imagine or think.

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