New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

To The Editor: 
New Year’s Day has come and gone and many resolutions have been made, but by and large few may be kept. Our world  leaders, including President Trump, need to have resolutions that truly need to be enacted upon. The issues of this world are truly most troubling. Look at the list: worldwide unemployment, homelessness, war in Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran’s development of nuclear weapons, earthquakes, famine, global warming, diseases, fires and polar bears losing their habitat. 

The question I have is where is our concern for our planet in 2018, and where is the peace on Earth? Do not enough people in powerful positions care enough? For an intelligent species, it’s a shame we can’t work together and come up with answers. But unfortunately, greed and hate rule the day. My personal resolution is that I pray we can all work together for the come good of humanity. Remember this too: Evil thrives when good people do nothing or say nothing.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,
Glen Oaks Village

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