Officers Save Baby In Queens

Officers John Simicich and Timothy Molinet recently saved a baby in Jamaica.

Officers John Simicich and Timothy Molinet recently saved a baby in Jamaica.

Two 113th precinct police officers helped save a baby boy’s life in Jamaica on Saturday night.

According to police, officers John Simicich and Timothy Molinet were on their way to respond to a car accident when reports of an unconscious infant came across their feed. The officers then rerouted toward the baby.

Upon arrival, the 11-month-old boy was unconscious, his lips were blue and his pulse was faint. Rather than wait for EMS, the officers told the parents to get into the back seat of the car while they sped towards Jamaica Hospital.

During the drive to the hospital, other police blocked off the road so that Simicich and Molinet could get through.

While Molinet drove, Simicich gave the baby chest compressions, allowing the baby to regain his consciousness upon arrival at the hospital.

What caused the boy to lose consciousness is still unknown. However, the boy was released from Jamaica Hospital on Sunday morning and is projected to celebrate his first birthday later on this week.

“Thanks to PO [police officer] Molinet and PO Simicich swift actions and the use of department technology they assisted in saving the life of a baby,” the 113th Precinct tweeted. “The officers responded quickly to the call and performed chest compressions while rushing the baby to the hospital safely. Great work.”

–Ariel Hernandez

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