One Long National Nightmare Is Over, Another Begins

A Personal Perspective

We happily said goodbye to the year of living crazily as it was with the 2016 presidential election. In less than two weeks another nightmare begins and this one will be a minimum of four years long.


Never in anyone’s lifetime had we ever seen such a circus of an election as the one we just survived, but hold on to your seats, the really crazy ride begins on day one of the Trump presidency. Some of us won’t be able to stomach even watching the inauguration, usually a day of national pride even if our favorite candidate did not win. But with this one, those of us who are praying people will be doubling up on our knee-bending ritual.

We wish Donald Trump all the success as president of the United States, but Lord he’s making it hard to hold out hope that’s indeed what we will get. The incoming “leader of the free world” is still as immature and vindictive as he was throughout the campaign.

Instead of sending out a New Year’s message of reconciliation, if indeed he needed to send one, we still have a sitting president for crying out loud, he sent out one still gloating about his triumph:

“Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do,” tweeted the soon-to-be president. You wouldn’t expect that from a contractor never mind the soon to be POTUS. It boggles the mind that this is now the person in charge of our nuclear codes.

Meanwhile, Hillary and Bill Clinton, the two people he has treated so despicably over the past year, are letting bygones be bygones and promising to show up at the inauguration. George W. and Laura Bush are attending too, after the way he treated their brother/brother-in-law, Jeb; and of course, the outgoing First Couple, President and Mrs. Obama will be there.

These people are demonstrating what all others in their position have done before: they show up for the inauguration for the incoming chief executive. It’s a show of unity to the nation and the world. It is a sign of welcome to a successor they wish to see succeed on behalf of our country.

Trump is calling former opponents his enemies. They are not enemies; they are people who wanted the same crown but lost to you. We want to be optimistic about Trump; but he makes that difficult at every turn.

He is even publicly demonizing the CIA. How does he expect to have a productive working relationship with the people who will report to him if he starts off by insulting their integrity and professionalism? It will be very difficult.
If Mr. Trump is willing to grow up, he could at worst, be tolerable. He just needs to put down the smart phone and wise up; he needs to listen to those who know better and want him to succeed; and he needs to realize that the White House is not Trump Tower.

It’s the most hallowed dwelling in the United States, and decisions with nationwide and worldwide impacts get made there. Please don’t be small and petty.

With Trump as president in his current state, a quote from the movie, “The Fly,” comes to mind: “Be afraid. Be very afraid!” But please God, let him prove us wrong.

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