Opioids: An Ignored Epidemic

According to the latest reports, the opioid crisis is the worst and most widely spread health epidemic since the AIDS crisis.

Today, from President Donald Trump on down to the leaders in Congress and across the nation, no one has fully taken responsibility for this devastating health issue. Currently, there are 400 lawsuits that one federal judge in Ohio is addressing against the pharmaceutical industry and medical profession.

When will our leaders in Washington, D.C., and those from the pharmaceutical industry take responsibility for this crisis spiraling out of control? And when will they take the steps necessary to combat it? If you look at the way that Congress has handled the ongoing mass- shooting crisis and sidestepped sensible gun-control measures, then there is a grave concern that our leaders will be just as negligent when tackling the opioid crisis.

In today’s paper, we report on our talk with a former pharmaceutical company that now attempts to address the long-term health needs of opioid users who battle addiction. But responsible corporate behavior in the pharmaceutical industry has mostly been missing for years. Now, it will likely be addressed either in the courts or by shareholders, and could result in the awarding of hundreds of millions—or even billions—of dollars to respond to the plaintiffs in these lawsuits.

This is becoming a national health crisis on the level of the spread of HIV and AIDS during the 1980s and 1990s. Children and adults are dying every day in this country as a result of opioid use. Shame on us as a nation for not recognizing the need for solutions. This is one of the present day’s greatest scourges and action on a meaningful level can no longer be delayed.


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