Pay Them No Mind


Greater Springfield Community Church

“But some scoundrels said, ‘How can this fellow save us? They despised him and brought him no gifts. But Saul kept silent.” -1 Samuel 10:27

Anytime God shows favor on your life and places you in a position, someone will more than likely not be cheering for your success. When you are placed in a position of favor, you must become more focused than ever before. Your new position will attract new haters, new challenges and new distractions.

Scripture reveals to us that when Saul stepped into his new position and became king, he also stepped into some unwanted issues. People began to talk about him. They taunted him, made fun of the king and even rebuked him.

Saul could have responded, fought back and waged war against anyone who spoke against him. However, what the scripture tells us is that King Saul, instead of fighting back, stood still, quiet and paid them no mind. He could have defended himself, but instead stayed focused on what he needed to do as the king of Israel.

At 6 years of age, my son gets easily distracted. It doesn’t take much for him to get off focus from what he was supposed to be doing and do something else that may have suddenly caught his attention. My wife thinks that I might be too hard on him at a young age when he gets distracted, but my intention is to keep him aware that distractions can get you off course from what is more important. I tell my son all the time to mind his own business and focus just on his goals and what he is supposed to be doing, rather than shift and get involved with what others are doing or saying.

There are times when we have to do what King Saul did—which was to pay people no mind every now and then. You have to realize that some people are jealous and envious of you, and when they plan to catch your attention by distracting you, it is vital to know these types of people aren’t out for your best interests, but rather to accomplish a plan to keep you from succeeding. So, don’t let these types of people into your space. Don’t let them distract you from God’s best. Don’t let them keep you from a great destiny.

Saul didn’t play into their hands. You only play into the hands of the enemy when you give them your attention.

Instead of playing up to people or trying to win over your critics, keep your eyes focused on what God has for you.

You don’t have to respond to every tweet or Facebook message that someone posts about you. Focus on your goals, rather than on the distractions. Therefore, spend time with people who see what God is doing in you. Focus on those who will celebrate you. Seek fellowship with the ones who believe in your dreams and visions. Most of all, ignore the critics, so you can be all that God has called you to be. God Bless!

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