Pearl Jam Fundraiser Scheduled For Jan. 8


The effort to bring Pearl Jam to the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium has its first fundraiser scheduled.

The PearlJamForestHills movement will have its first in-person fundraising event on Jan. 8 at Austin’s Ale House in Kew Gardens.

The fundraiser’s founder, Daniel Sheffer, said it is an opportunity for Pearl Jam fans and supporters of the cause to meet and hang out at a fun event.

Sheffer said there will be laptops set up at the fundraiser if people want to donate while they are at the bar, but there will also be prizes and raffles for fans who attend the fundraiser. According to Sheffer, there will be Pearl Jam goodies raffled off at the event, including band-related T-shirts, posters and stickers.

As for how much money they have raised, the PearlJamForestHills fund now has more than $70,000 in its piggy bank to bring the rock band to the Tennis Stadium.

In a press release about the milestone, Sheffer said that money is more than what Foo Fighters fans raised to get that group to play a show.

“If we stop at $100,000, and turn that over to the band,” Sheffer said in the release, “then after you pay the stadium, security, permits and so on, what’s left for Pearl Jam? We want to make sure they aren’t working for free.”

He said he still has not heard from band representatives about playing the show but there has been much support from fan clubs related to the band.

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