Place A Demand On Your Potential


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Scripture: 2 Thessalonians 1:11

This scripture lets us know that by the power of God, He can fulfill every good purpose. Unfortunately, many people reading this article today haven’t even tapped into a great deal of their internal resources.

Never settle for “good enough.” We are surrounded by people who can be classified in two categories. The first category are those who start out with amazing dreams for their future and have a clear cut vision on creating an awesome destiny, but somewhere along the way they decided to settle for good enough. This happens when we choose not to place a demand on our potential.

We are all walking treasure chests with unlimited potential and possibilities ready to come out from deep within us. When we decide to go that extra mile and stretch ourselves past the pain, problems and poisonous attachments we have encountered along the way, we will be rewarded greatly. We must keep that in mind.

The second category of people is what I will refer to as “stretchers.” These are individuals who say to themselves, “I will become everything God has created for me to be,” and remind themselves that all things done through Christ strengthens an individual. These are the people who believe they are walking in God’s favor. Meanwhile, settlers look at life in a more negative and doubtful way, convincing themselves of the worst and reinforcing thoughts that continue to hold them back. You’ll hear things like “I will never get out of debt,” “I will never find myself in a good relationship” or “I will never lose the weight or break the addiction”.

This is the mentality of settlers. Settlers never see the greatness in themselves. Settlers are comfortable with the “good enough” and never find the strength to stretch and grab onto the greater.

Those ‘C’s’ in school are not good enough. Working at that mediocre job is not good enough. Just making it from pay check to pay check is not good enough. You have the potential to be an ‘A’ student. You have the ability to receive a better job. Changing these things in our life may require hard work and some sacrifice, but know you have the potential in achieving greatness rather than settling for good enough. You were created with seeds of greatness on the inside, but in order to watch those seeds manifest into a reality, you first must have the right attitude.

We all possess these two character traits inside of us. But the one that will eventually dominate your life is solely up to you. Good enough is not your destiny. These seeds of greatness are waiting for you to demand its potential. If you were ever able to take a peek at the fullness of what God has created for your destiny, you would be reminded that you were created to excel, overcome obstacles and be more than a conqueror.

God said that you were created to be the head and not the tail. In other words, God wants you to see the great things come your way and not watch them pass you by. Settling for good enough is never good enough. The good news is that even if you gave up on a dream, it doesn’t mean that God gave up. He still has a victorious plan in front of you waiting for you make it happen.

This scripture in a way reminds me of a movie I saw some time ago called “The Blind Side.”

In the film, a homeless black teen found himself drifting in and out of the school system for years. When a white family took him in, it gave him a shot to start anew. Looking past the color of his skin, the family saw some potential in him that seemed to have never been used.

This family pushed this young man and made him place a demand on his potential. Because he demanded more from himself, he eventually transformed his life from settling where he was to achieving a great future. He went from a failing student to a passing student, which opened another door, eventually leading him to a career in professional football.

This is a product of believing in himself, a product of demanding more from his potential. Don’t give up or settle for good when you’ve been destined for greatness.

God Bless You!

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