Police Seize Weapons During Rosedale Raid


A Rosedale was arrested last week for allegedly stockpiling a large amount of illegal guns and police equipment in his basement, seemingly with the intent of impersonating law enforcement, the Queens district attorney said.

Kevin Nugent, 40, was arrested on Friday after police executed a search warrant at his home, located on 254th Street. Police allegedly recovered a black .380 Ruger pistol, a black Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun along with a butt-stock, numerous magazines for handguns and other firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition for both the shotgun and pistol. Police also allegedly found gun holsters, vests, two-way radios, handcuffs, machetes and several fake law enforcement IDs.

According to ABC7, this is not Nugent’s first run-in with the law—he has nearly 20 previous arrests dating back to 1997. Most recently, he was arrested last December after he allegedly attempted to pull over a driver. Police searched his car and allegedly found a forged detective shield, handcuffs, a fake pistol, metal baton, switchblade and a holster. They also allegedly recovered a GoPro camera and microphone.

“Illegal firearms have no place in our communities,” Queens DA Richard Brown said. “This defendant is accused of possessing guns, live ammunition and police gear—that when worn would have convinced most civilians that he was a member of law enforcement. These deadly weapons and other items have been seized to protect anyone from harm and the defendant now faces a lengthy term of incarceration.”

Nugent was arraigned on Friday at the Queens County Criminal Court by Judge Scott Dunn. He is charged with second and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, second and third-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of pistol or revolver ammunition and violation of permits for possession and purchase of rifles and shotguns. The judge has set bail at $75,000. He is scheduled to return to court on June 19. If convicted, Nugent faces up to 15 years in prison.

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