Politics Gets ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ In Age Of Trump

A Personal Perspective

The popular literary character, Alice, says of her Wonderland adventure, “It gets curiouser and curiouser.” This is exactly how it feels in national politics these days.

How else do you explain the current president, his cabinet and the candidate running to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate from Alabama? Geographically speaking, this is far from us here in Queens—but as the saying goes, all politics is local.

Roy Moore, the controversial candidate running to fill Sessions’ vacated Senate seat, is as unfit for the office as the president is for his.

Moore, it has been alleged by a growing number of women, had a habit of preying on teenage girls during the time he served as a district attorney. Moore was in his 30s and admittedly dated teenagers. Some, it has been alleged, as young as 14 years.

Naturally, he is denying that he sexually assaulted several of the now-middle-aged women who accused him of improper behavior. The allegations are detailed and disturbing and have led to calls by thinking people for Moore to drop out of the race.

The Democratic Party – including U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer—are busy reaching out to Democratic voters to chip in to support Moore’s Democratic opponent. Doug Jones is everything Roy Moore is not—including having a good record on civil rights.

Some of us are always willing to chip in to help elect a good candidate even in a distant state because a U.S. senator or a congressional representative’s vote in Washington has an impact nationwide and worldwide.

Several Republican senators and congressional representatives have publicly withdrawn their support for Moore. But not a word has been uttered by the president.

Trump is not in a position to judge because he is no better than Roy Moore. He has said that no one should be kept out of office for something they “did 40 years ago.” We can agree on that if it’s someone who, as a teenager, got a speeding ticket or DUI—but not a 30-something adult who stalked under-aged girls for groping.

Trump is, in fact, part of the reason that someone like Roy Moore has gotten this far. Trump has set the bar so low that, now, anyone can now step over it into power, it seems. The president has taken the country down such a dark path that it will take a generation to recover after he leaves office.

People in our community are frustrated at what we have become as a nation. We now have a president who knows nothing of diplomacy in any of its contexts. Instead, there is a vulgar old saying that describes what this president is: “a s–t stirrer.”

He stirs it at home and he stirs it on the international stage. He keeps picking fights with North Korean ruler, Kim Jong-Un. Can anyone imagine Bill Clinton or Barack Obama calling the leader of another nation – no matter how vile they considered him to be – “rocket man” or “short and fat?” Never!

These are statesmen. Donald Trump is a glorified contractor who never grew up. He’s a bully who has now earned a death threat from North Korea and put us all in jeopardy if Jong-Un were to follow through on threats to nuke us.
The Donald Trumps and Roy Moore’s of this world have no business near political power.

Voters ought to be able to look beyond party affiliation and choose someone who will benefit the greater good. What on earth are they doing voting for these oddballs, pedophiles and racists? Alice is right. It gets “curiouser and curiouser” indeed.

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