Pomonok Residents Get New Views From Crystal

National award-winning manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems continued its string of supplying large window replacement projects with the installation of almost 11,000 Crystal aluminum replacement windows is nearing completion in 16 buildings in the northern half of the Pomonok Houses complex.

The Pomonok Housing Complex in Flushing

The Pomonok Housing Complex in Flushing

Built in 1952, the 35 buildings of the Pomonok complex are part of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) system and now house over 4,200 residents. The Pomonok Houses’ office is located at 67-10 Parsons Blvd., and the 52-acre development is adjacent to Queens College and the Electchester Houses.

“Crystal has rapidly become a preferred window supplier for numerous major private and public multi-family projects in the New York area and around the nation,” said Steve Chen, COO of Crystal Windows. “With almost 11,000 windows, the Pomonok Houses project is just the latest example of our ability to handle such large-scale efforts.”

Crystal’s role in the Pomonok project involved the supply of over 10,800 windows of three energy efficient models in 26 different sizes and configurations. The multi-million dollar window replacement project involved 3, 7 and 8-story multi-family buildings in the northern section of the Pomonok Houses complex. Upgrading the windows was a key component of the overall $96 million restoration of the buildings envelopes and renovation of apartments.

The primary Crystal window used at the Pomonok Houses project is the Series 3000 aluminum double-hung. This durable window features an AAMA performance grade (PG) rating of PG60, a 3.25-inch frame depth, .875-inch insulating glass, and removable sideload block-and-tackle balance equipped sashes. An anti-drift head clip lock automatically secures the top sash in the closed position for safety, security, and a weather-tight seal.

The other windows used are the Crystal aluminum project-in Series 8300 and Series 8100 fixed picture window. With a 2.25-inch frame depth and 1-inch insulating glass unit, these exceptionally strong windows have both attained an outstanding AAMA performance grade (PG) rating of 85. The project-in window uses four-bar stainless steel friction hinges with limit stops for smooth, easy and safe operation.

To ensure superior energy performance, all Crystal windows for the Pomonok Houses project used dual-pane 3⁄16” PPG Solarban 60 and AGC Comfort EPS low-E glass for outer and inner lights, respectively. Crystal also provided several options to facilitate the new window installations. Mullion systems were used to gang windows together, while 2-inch face flange frames, and clips and snap trims aided the placement and securing of windows in the openings. Crystal also provided the project with in-house 3D printer-aided designed and custom fabricated aluminum sill covers. All windows and installation accessories were finished with an AAMA 2604 powder coat paint in a special Fairfax Brown color.

The Crystal windows at Pomonok Houses were installed by APS Contracting of Paterson, NJ. The lead architectural/engineering firm for the building envelope restoration and fenestration work was HAKS of New York. New York City-based firm STV provided construction management services for the façade restoration and apartment renovation aspects of the project.

The Pomonok Houses are owned and operated by NYCHA, which provides affordable housing to low and moderate-income residents of New York City. NYCHA is the largest public housing authority in North America, providing homes for over 400,000 people in more than 300 housing developments.

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