PRESS’ Endorsements For City Council

District 27
Councilman I. Daneek Miller has proven after four years in elected office that he has learned a great deal about governing and delivering for his community. He has become a strong advocate in the City Council not only for his former union members, but also for the district he represents.

As one of the few union officials who have moved across the aisle to govern, Daneek Miller has proven that he understands the balance that must be placed on governing fairly, as opposed to demanding equity. His work as a labor leader has served him well in negotiating the ins and outs of government. We look forward to Councilman Miller’s next four years as he rises in seniority and delivers even more for his community.

District 28
District 28 has long needed a credible advocate for its constituencies. It is unfortunate that the power of the previous councilman was taken away due to his indictment and subsequent conviction. While this was a personal loss for Ruben Wills, it was a greater loss to the people of the 28th Council District.

In 2017, there is an opportunity for a breath of fresh air to descend upon this community. The three candidates—Adrienne Adams, Hettie Powell and Richard David—are all well qualified to serve the community. This paper is more than pleased to have quality candidates running for an office that desperately needs commitment, integrity and honesty.

While all three candidates have these qualities, there is one candidate who stands above the other two—and that is Adrienne Adams, chairwoman of Community Board 12. This paper is encouraged by the campaigns of both Richard David and Hettie Powell. This campaign has been run cleanly and on the issues and needs of the district, which has been wanting for leadership and resources. We believe that Adrienne Adams will quickly fill the vacuum and—on day one—be ready to serve.

Her long-time service as board chairwoman, extensive knowledge of the district and longtime development of relationships—both in government and the community—will serve her constituents well over the next four years.

We hope that Richard David and Hettie Powell will continue to be active and involved in the community. It’s always a pleasure to see well-qualified people seek elected office. While it was a difficult choice in this race, our endorsement is one we believe we’ll be proud of during the next four years. The PRESS of Southeast Queens endorses Adrienne Adams for City Council.

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