PRESS’ Endorsements For Mayor And Public Advocate

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been a unique mayor who has uplifted the progressive agenda of the city, all the while stimulating and encouraging economic growth throughout the five boroughs. In our opinion, during his first four years, his greatest achievements are in the fields of education and crime prevention.

Pre-K will most likely be the definitive legacy of his first term. To enable children to get a head start on their education is a legacy that, in the decades ahead, both parents and educators will cite as the reason for better grades and an improvement in the level of education for New York City’s school population. Equally important, pre-K has allowed parents to go to work knowing that their children are being taken care of during the day.

The mayor came into office as an advocate to end stop-and-frisk. Many critics said that this would lead to an increase in crime. The numbers have proved his critics wrong. The city has seen a reduction in the crime rate for two consecutive years. We attribute this to the mayor’s support of the previous and current police commissioners, who emphasized neighborhood policing.

Unfortunately, there have been some misses. One is the growing homeless population and the mayor’s inability to devise a short-term, let alone long-term, solution. The mayor’s goal of creating 200,000 affordable housing units is admirable, but that will require another four years to achieve. It is also our hope that over the next four years, the mayor and governor will put aside their differences and come together to address the enormous transportation needs of this city. It requires a collective effort from both chief executives to solve the financial needs and maintenance of our transportation system.

However, New York City should be proud of its financial stability and growth during the past four years under Mayor de Blasio. We support the continuance of this growth by electing the mayor for another four years.

During her first four years in office as public advocate, Letitia James has revitalized an office that many in the past wished to dissolve. With an extremely small staff but a large voice, James has proved that her office is a voice that represents those who do not have one.

As public advocate, James has demonstrated her strength in defending those who need advocacy on matters as varied as immigration, housing, women’s rights and LGBTQ issues. We support her wholeheartedly for re-election.

City Council Endorsements
Paul Vallone (District 19)
Peter Koo (District 20)
Francisco Moya (District 21)
Costa Constantinides (District 22)
Barry Grodenchik (District 23)
Rory Lancman (District 24)
Danny Dromm (District 25)
Jimmy Van Bramer (District 26)
I. Daneek Miller (District 27)
Adrienne Adams (District 28)
Karen Koslowitz (District 29)
Elizabeth Crowley (District 30)
Donovan Richards (District 31)
Tommy Torres (District 34)


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