PRESS’ First Round Of Candidate Endorsements

The PRESS of Southeast Queens held a forum on Aug. 17 for City Council candidates taking part in the upcoming September primary election. We’d like to thank St. John’s University for partnering with us to host the forum as well as QPTV (Queens Public Television) for its live broadcast.

This week, we’re presenting our first round of endorsements for candidates and, in the weeks to come, the rest of our endorsements will follow.

Queens is fortunate to have a stellar group of dedicated members of the City Council. Their leadership in their committees and strong advocacy regarding issues of concern to our borough lead us to strongly recommend their reelection.

The City Council candidates whom we support for reelection include Paul Vallone (District 19), Costa Constantinides (District 22), Barry Grodenchik (District 23), Rory Lancman (District 24), Danny Dromm (District 25), Jimmy Van Bramer (District 26), Karen Koslowitz (District 29) and Donovan Richards (District 31).

For District 34, the PRESS of Southeast Queens is voting for a change of leadership. Tommy Torres has demonstrated a willingness to be an active member of the City Council, and is a concerned member of his community. The current member, Antonio Reynoso, has proven to be invisible to the Queens portion of his district. In all his years in office, he has shown a lack of understanding and awareness of the bi-county district and the people in it. We look forward to new leadership and in Tommy Torres we have high hopes.

The primary election will be held in New York City on Sept. 12 and the general election will take place on Nov. 7. Be sure to exercise your right to vote. And keep an eye out for more endorsements by the PRESS of Southeast Queens next week.


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