Prioritize NYCHA Residents

This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio was at Queensbridge announcing an investment in fixing the roofs of that NYCHA complex.

A day earlier, across Queens in South Jamaica, Ebony Holmes was in her apartment in South Jamaica Houses when sewage began backing up in her home. NYCHA made no effort to relocate her and she was forced to spend the night in her apartment, with the sewage.

At Queensbridge last week, de Blasio said the city needed to treat NYCHA houses “like a home and treat people the right way.”

We applaud his dedication to NYCHA residents, but why wasn’t the agency there to help Holmes in her time of need? Why was she forced to spend the night in her sewage-filled apartment?

NYCHA may be putting much-needed new roofs on Queensbridge’s building, but they seriously dropped the ball in South Jamaica. NYCHA residents need more than just new roofs, and we except City Hall to follow through on the mayor’s words and treat residents of our public housing the right way – like human beings.

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