Promises Kept

On Tuesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Queens Borough President Melinda Katz announced that a new phase of the ongoing reconstruction of LaGuardia Airport was underway and took part in a groundbreaking for Delta Airlines’ new $4 billion, 37-gate terminal. Additionally, the governor announced that former basketball star Magic Johnson’s infrastructure firm would be among those who are investing to rebuild the airport.

This commitment by the city, state and private investors will go a long way to ensuring that LaGuardia Airport will be transformed from a “third world” airport—as it was once dubbed by former Vice President Joe Biden—to a first-class one. The governor and borough president have taken the former vice president’s comment and turned it into action.

It happens less often than it should that our leaders see a problem and quickly put in place a plan to fix it. We’d like to congratulate the governor and borough president for leading us out of the dark ages and lifting us up into the stratosphere of modern aviation. And kudos to Magic Johnson Enterprises and the project’s other investors for providing additional funding for the airport’s renovation.

Not only will this be a good thing for the average traveler—who has long been inconvenienced by LaGuardia Airport, which has been named the worst in the nation for flight delays—but it will be good for the economy and the creation of long-lasting jobs in an industry that is central to Queens County’s economic vitality. There are tens of thousands of jobs at our two airports and we must be creative to keep up with modern standards if we are to rightly claim that New York City is a leader in business and tourism.

This week’s groundbreaking at LaGuardia Airport is a positive sign that our local and state leaders can work together to bring the necessary resources to an important project that will benefit city residents for years to come.


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