Queens’ Janey Street Releases New Album

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Flushing native Janey Street is returning to New York City for the release of her new single “Under The Clock,” a remake of one of her own songs that is based on a true story that took place in her Queens neighborhood.

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Janey Street

The clock, which today hangs above an AT&T store on the corner of Main Street and Union Street, was previously located above a cigar store and was well-known by Queens’ teenage rockers from the 1960s to the 1980s—including members of KISS and Twisted Sister—as a place to congregate, Street said.

“’Under The Clock’ was a way of life,” Street told the Queens Tribune. “I don’t know how it formed into song like that.”

It wasn’t until Street moved to California at the age of 19—following her being signed to Arista Records—that she began to reminisce on her youth in Flushing.

“All the kids met [under the clock] and would go into the city on the subway,” Street said, referencing the 7 train station that would shuttle youths into Manhattan. “It was where all the kids met up—kids that were drop-outty kinds of kids, rock people, stoned out of their minds. It was a lot of fun. It was a period when everybody had a band. Instead of saying ‘hi,’ we would say ‘eeee.’”

As a teenager, Street grew up with a love for music. She said her parents were “cool and hip,” frequently playing music by Billie Holiday and Frank Sinatra around the house.

While attending the now-defunct Quintano School for Young Professionals, Street was given her first record deal at Warner Bros., then picked up by Capitol Records and, finally, signed by Arista Records, working under the wing of legendary executive Clive Davis.

Eventually, Street was dropped by the label, but continued to play gigs in Los Angeles before making the decision to move to Nashville, where she mentored and taught up-and-coming songwriters and artists. Finally, she was signed to a new label—Blue Élan Records.

On June 28, Street will return to New York City to release her new album at 6:30 p.m. at the Cutting Room Show in Manhattan.

Artists who performed on “Under The Clock” are scheduled set to attend, but the event will also feature Cindy Alexander, Chelsea Williams and other surprise guests.

“I got back in touch with all of my ‘under the clock’ friends through Facebook and many of them said they were coming, so I’m excited to see them,” Street said. “It’s going to be a big night for me.”

Street said that although she has made her way home several times before, this visit is different as she’ll be announcing the release of a new album—“In My Own Skin,” which was produced by Blue Élan Records.

“After writing for other young artists, film and TV and mentoring new writers, my first Blue Élan record was like an explosion,” Street said. “All of a sudden, I was back writing for myself and lovin’ it. It laid down a foundation and, now, with this new album, I think I’ve fallen even deeper into being an artist again—with something to say.”

Tickets for the release party are $20 in advance and $25 at the door. The event will also act as a benefit for

for Gilda’s Club NYC,  whose mission is to support, educate, and empower cancer patients and their families. 


While the release party is next Wednesday, the Queens Tribune is debuting the video of “Under The Clock” below

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