Queens Represents

jeopardyAmerica’s Favorite Quiz Show and its host, Alex Trebek, will celebrate 30 years of “answers and questions.”

Jeopardy kicks off its season-long Battle of the Decades tournament with the 80’s Week Competition, airing on CBS from Feb. 3-7. The 30-year anniversary celebration will bring back 45 champions from the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s to vie for a million-dollar grand prize throughout several rounds of play.

One of contestants looking to win big is Frank Spangenberg from Douglaston, who won $249, 596 on season seven during the 80’s.

The winners from back in the day will take part in first of three preliminary rounds, and competing in five stand-alone games. Only the winner of each game will advance to the next round.

Good luck, Spangenberg! Here’s hoping Queens wins big at the Battle of the Decades.

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