Realty Company Removes Roadblocks For Agents


According to Zach Tatge—the chief operating officer and co-founder of Scope Realty, a New York City-based full-service boutique brokerage firm—approximately 87 percent of real estate agents fail professionally in their first four years.

Scope Realty was founded in August 2017 by Tatge, and today has 74 agents operating out of its Midtown Manhattan and Sunnyside offices.

“Sunnyside, Queens, is an amazing neighborhood,” said Tatge. “It’s close to everything. If you need to get to any of the boroughs, you can easily. It’s centrally located for those people who are going to be working in the outer boroughs.”

Tatge said that he always wanted to start a real estate business, since he noticed that agents going into real estate companies are not given leads and lack proper training.

“When given the necessary information, tools and training needed, agents can move along and make money,” said Tatge.

With its mission statement being “to deliver exceptional integrated real estate services for all aspects of the real estate market,” Tatge said that Scope provides ongoing training throughout an agent’s entire career with the company.

“In addition to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I am one phone call away,” said Tatge. “How many businesses allow you to get in contact with the COO directly and you actually get through?”

Tatge said that agents are constantly calling him whenever they run into any problems or have general questions. Aside from the training that Scope Realty provides to its agents, Tatge said the company also does much of the legwork with which other companies overwhelm their agents.

Rather than making agents responsible for all of the prospecting, Scope provides all of the information and resources that agents need, allowing them to focus on making phone calls and sealing deals. It’s through this method that agents can focus on their leads and preserving the money in their pockets.

“We eliminate all the work,” said Tatge. “All the agent has to do is show up and have full communication with their buyers. It’s our system that is our competitive advantage.”

Tatge used the example of a nurse who works a three-day week, who might contact an agent on her day off but is unavailable on other days. Since agents are only responsible for their own customers, whenever that nurse is free, the agent will be able to take the call immediately and have a number of units to show her.

“It’s our system that we have in place that is our competitive advantage because we’ve taken away all the work,” said Tatge. “We believe in knowledge, we believe in information—not only to absorb it, but to apply it.

So, we’re willing to invest in our agents.”

Tatge said that the most frequent mistakes he notices by agents revolve around prospecting and inconsistency, time management, organization and improper mindset.

“I always tell my agents to ‘find your why,’” said Tatge. “I know that’s a difficult question, but it’s important to know why you’re doing real estate. What is your purpose and what are you working towards? If you don’t have something so powerful that makes you willing to sacrifice everything you have going on, I’m not sure you’re going to have the ability to reach the true success you want in your life.

Tatge said that his motivation is family and he knows that if he doesn’t fulfill his tasks, he will not be able to provide. You can reach Zach Tatge at (914) 471-2977 or

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