Refuse To Be Average!


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Psalms 126:1-2

This past Monday represented the holiday set aside to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. King is most famously known for his “I Have A Dream” speech during the March On Washington for jobs and freedom on August 28, 1963, in which he calls for an end to racism in the United States and for the equal civil and economic rights of all Americans.

Because he decided not to be average and allowed his dream to be heard around the world, we have found that his actions manifested into a reality that is still in the works. If God gives you a dream, He will see it through. Dr. King’s speech has not been fully completed because this country is still very much dealing with racism and civil and economic rights, but what I do know is that we are in a better place than we were over 50 years ago when he recited his iconic speech.

Everyone has dreams, but not everyone lives their dream. This scripture, Psalms 126, is a song of joy for restoration to Zion. This psalm was likely written with reference to some great and surprising deliverance of the people of God out of bondage and distress, most likely upon their return out of Babylon in Ezra’s time. The scripture describes this joyous moment of seeing a community restored with “we were like men who dreamed,” giving us the insight that this was spoken about before it came to pass from those who made their dream public.
If Dr. King never made his dream public, some could question where would we be now. It is most vital that you use this season of your life and craft the dream that you have and make it into a reality. Every dreamer has imitated other dreamers and high achievers. Dreamers do not follow after people who are average and mediocre. They pursue people who are bold and brilliant, who walk with the boldness of God in their heart, enough to step out and achieve the impossible dream!

I would ask that you refuse to be average today. Average people are not dreamers and they are not risk takers. They will look at a community become decrepit and do nothing but complain. Average people will hide all the God given power, anointing and gifts that has been created inside of them so they never have to be in the spotlight and be stretched as God leads them into greatness. Dreamers are the absolute opposite of average. Dreamers are daring, lacking in fear, courageous and determined to make a difference. Dreamers are committed to making a difference in their family, community, country and even the world. Dreamers are able to see the invisible in order to do the impossible. Dreamers don’t complain about what they don’t have, they use what they got.

If the dreamer King David was able to destroy his nemesis with a rock and a sling shot while his opponent stood with a full armor and a sword of steel, God wants you to know he has armed you with exactly what you need to overcome the very challenges you are faced with today. Laziness, stagnation and excuses are not character traits of a dreamer. They are the make-up of average individuals that choose not to make a difference and accept the obstacles in their path. Walk into a purpose-filled life that will give you and others the most satisfaction that you will ever experience. You will never know what your full potential of purpose will be unless you live the dream that God has given you. Be like those who dream and refuse to be average!

God Bless!

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