Reporting And Awards Ceremonies At Van Buren HS


Photo by Bob Harris

The recipients of both Ambassador Awards and English Language Small Learning Community Awards at the Martin Van Buren High School Library. Held at the end of the first marking period, the certificates were handed out to exemplary students. Honors included being on the honor roll, showing diligence in class, participation and engagement and much more. Students ate pizza, doughnuts, cookies and soda during the ceremony. 

Photo by Brian Greenspan

Photo by Brian Greenspan

This year’s journalism class at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens Village visited the World Trade Center. Class advisor Brian Greenspan took the students on the trip as a way to exercise their writing and reporting ability. On the Observation Deck, half of the class was responsible for writing what they felt while standing atop the tallest building in the city. The other half of the class were asked to interview foreign tourists at the site about their views on New York City and the World Trade Center. Their stories will appear in the latest issue of the school newspaper.

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