Saluting Real Fathers On This Father’s Day


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Proverbs 22:6

This Sunday marks a very important day in the family setting known as “Father’s Day.” Similar to Mother’s Day, we acknowledge and celebrate the individuals who have taken on the responsibility of being a parent. The fathers we celebrate are those who come to understand that a responsible father does not just produce a seed, but upholds what he has produced.

When asked, “What do you think of when you think of church?” people will give you many answers. I asked a few people and some of the answers were: “I think of the pastor,” “I think of the church building,” “I think of the church service,” “I think of Sunday morning” and someone even said, “The first thing I think of is the usher when I approach the sanctuary doors.”

What we should be thinking of when we think of church is “family” since God intended His people to act like a family that respects, cherishes and loves one another as our Father is a family man. Yes, God is a family man. He thinks like a family man, He functions like a family man and He is multigenerational, meaning that He not only had a plan for my great grandfather, but He also has a plan for my great, great, grandchildren.

The Word of God says, “A wise man leaves an inheritance for his son and grandson.” The best inheritance you can leave your children is not money, houses or cars, but the gift of love. God is love. God is the perfect picture of what a father is to be to his children. He is a real father and real fathers always think about their families. On my way to dropping my son off at school this morning, I said to him, “I don’t want you to be just like me, but better than me.” He seemed to be a bit confused, but every good father should always want their children to be better, go further and achieve higher than what they were able to accomplish themselves. God is perfect, so every son should strive to be just like his heavenly father. We as humans are imperfect and, therefore, we will always leave room for our next generation to become better and more perfect than ourselves. In doing this, it means that a child must know his father and be taught by his father, but cannot do this if the father is not present.

In being present, I mean both physically and mentally. I graduated this year with my doctoral degree and my dissertation was titled “Fighting Fatherlessness.” What I notice in my research is that—in most cases—when the father divorces from the mother, they often divorce from the child. Children growing up in single-parent households, where paternal support is not available, are more likely to be impacted negatively, according to statistics. God wants every father to be a responsible father.

The Bible says, “He upholds all things by the power of His word.” So, in other words, what that means is that whatever comes out of Him, He upholds it with His word. Whatever God the father produces, He also gets up under it and supports it. In other words, you cannot be a father in God’s eyes, unless you support and uphold what you produce. Fathers are those who uphold and support coming generations. The word father is translated as “abba”.

The word abba means father—the supporter, upholder, sustainer, protector, provider, founder and progenitor.

Allow me to break down the word progenitor, so we can understand what it means. If you take away the “pro,” then we have the word “genitor”—and the word genitor is the root word for “generation.” So genitor means to generate—or, to start or begin something—while pro means to support or uphold. Therefore, a real father is the source and the supporter of what he generates. In other words, he supports the generations that he generates. Therefore, not every man that produces a seed is a real father.

Through our definition today, a real father not only produces—but he supports what he produces. It takes a real father to sustain and stay around through the storms of life. It takes a real father to uphold and walk through the ups and downs in the life of a child. A real father provides for what he has produced. So, this sermon is dedicated to all the real fathers on this Father’s Day. Be like God our father and you will be the best father to your children.

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