Selling Your Home When You Have Kids

Selling a home is always a challenging task. Add a small child or two to the mix, and you have a recipe for outright mayhem—unless you have a plan.

selling your home with kids

Take two weeks before your house is listed to massively declutter room by room. Store another hefty batch of belongings in a rented unit. Remember to keep kid paraphernalia—posters, fridge art, photos, etc.— neatly out of sight. Neutralize paint colors and tidily stage the playroom.

Inform your agent of the minimum amount of time you’ll need to clean up the kid-generated clutter and clear out with your little ones before a showing. Two hours is generally a reasonable time frame to tidy up and hustle out the door.

Easier said than done with little ones running around, but consider these tactics:

• Get rid of as many toys and collectibles as you can. The fewer things there are, the less messy it can get.

• Store items that are used only seasonally or that your kids can live without for a time. Box them up and unpack them again after you move.

• Reduce incoming items and have designated baskets for the rest.

For last-minute scrambles to tidy up, keep totes handy and indiscriminately dump all odds and ends inside. Store them neatly in a garage, attic or garden shed.

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