SJU Player Speaks On Terror At Home


Photo Courtesy of Twitter


Chris Mullin and the Red Storm hope that graduate transfer Ron Mvouika will give the young Johnnies some veteran leadership this season, but Mvouika spent time before the first game of the season checking on his family and friends in France.

“One of the explosions happened 20, 25 minutes away from where I’m from. I know some people that lost a lot of people. It’s always hard, especially with social media videos showing up and you can actually see people being hit. It touched home when you see those kind of places that I go when I’m back home. I definitely had them in my prayers. That’s a game I had them in mind. I’m going to dedicate that win to them,” said Mvouika after the Red Storm’s Nov. 16 win over UMBC in which Mvouika scored 16 points.

Mvouika, who was born in Versailles, France, made sure his loved ones were safe after being told about the terrorist attacks that killed 129 people.

“My phone was blowing up. Coaches told me in the locker room that something happened in France. I got a lot of phone calls. I have to call my mom first, call my brothers, call everybody in the neighborhood, see if everybody was ok,” said Mvouika, who has four brothers. Thank God none of the close friends of mine got hit by that. I’ve said before, we live in a crazy world. We can’t prevent any of that stuff.”

Mvouika was able to successfully keep his attention on the games, both won by St. John’s. He hit all four of his three-point attempts against UMBC.

“We’re the older guys, so the young guys need us. I can’t come out here with my head down. The team is going to follow up. I got to do my job, our job is to lead, so regardless of what’s going on I got to come to work every day and do what I’m supposed to do.”

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