SNY Seeks Sports Centric Films For Festival


SNY (SportsNet New York) is accepting films that are sports centric for its first F3 Future Filmmaker’s Festival.

The festival accepts entries from students, ages 14 to 19, and the student has to be in good standing at a high school in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.


“We can offer a lot and give back to the community and it’s an opportunity to develop a relationship with future producers,” said Gary Morgenstern, who is the executive director of the festival.

The films, which should be between three and 35 minutes long, have to be New York-centric and sports-centric. But the films don’t have to be about the most popular sports, such as football or basketball.

“It could be a kid who’s a skateboarder or any kind of action sport,” Morgenstern said. “But it has to have a sport or competitive angle to it. It has to [involve] New York, but doesn’t have to take place in New York.”

SNY has different projects, such as the Play Ball initiative, but the organization has taken a different route to promote the film festival. Typically, the festival would merely run ads on SNY. But for this project, SNY has instead connected with schools that focus on film, television and sports, reaching out to hundreds of schools in the metropolitan area.

“Administrators love it,” Morgenstern said. “Some have included it in the school program. They have to make a film as part of the curriculum.”

There are first, second and third place awards and three additional categories for writing, editing and cinematography. The deadline for submission is May 11 and the festival kicks off on June 6.

“Every film entry will receive a critique, feedback they can use to improve their skills,” Morgenstern said.

Recently, a career forum was held during which SNY staff members talked about details of production and took kids through the behind the scenes processes. Approximately 200 students dropped by Astoria’s Museum of the Moving Image and, Morgenstern said, they were interested in what they heard.

“The kids were really engaged,” Morgenstern said. “They wanted to hear about what we do.”

He said that the festival is beneficial to the network and applicants.

“We not only expect to find great talent, but it gives us an opportunity to connect with young ideas and people,” Morgenstern said.


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