Speak Words Of Wonder


Greater Springfield Community Church

Scripture: Mark 11:24

If you should ever wish for your world to change, you must change your words. I listen to people who complain about the negative things that seem to be never-ending in their world. They complain about the lack of money, bad health, being involved in a bad relationship or the lack of a relationship. They complain about their kids, their kids’ school teachers, the other kids in school, and nonstop complaints regarding their places of employment or having no employment at all.

Allow me to simply suggest that complaining will not bring a solution to a problem. Actually, your complaining is a negative reaction to your situation. The Bible speaks about how God frowns on those who complain. When you complain about your situation, you’re disabling your power to do something about it.

God wishes all his children to have faith in Him and believe the promises that He has made for your life. When you have faith, you believe God will see you through as you continue to push and pray through every negative situation you might be experiencing at the moment. Do not say that it will never get better or you’re too sick to do what you used to do. The person of faith will say, “This too shall pass. I am healed by His stripes and my health is on a road to recovery.”

What scripture is telling us today is to begin to speak your breakthrough into existence. In other words, begin to speak your end results toward your future. Instead of allowing your complaints to take root in your life, begin to speak of victory, possession and miracles to your dilemmas. Speak words of change, words that directly correspond to what is currently going on and what needs to change. Speak and recite your dreams and visions every time you can.

God reminds us that whatever we ask for is possible to receive. Whatever we choose to be is possible to achieve.

Your goals can never be too big because our God is bigger than anything we can imagine or think. Become a dreamer who thinks big and speak it out loud, so that it becomes possible in the spiritual realm first—and then, begin to manifest it in the natural. Your faith will keep you from thinking about suicide, revenge and malice.

Be conscious of the words that come out of your mouth and select only good things to say. This can prevent you from future suffering and self destruction. Remember, you have been created to build the kingdom of God on earth, which should result in focusing on empowerment, love, sharing and caring for yourself and others. The first step is to care for yourself by speaking of life, healing and solutions to your challenges. Remember, many of your solutions start by what comes out of your mouth. Whatever God does not give you the power to change, He can still do it. Have faith in Him and He will give you the power to make unbelievable life changes.

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