Stop Dumping On SEQ

During a town hall this week in Jamaica, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city would finally take steps to address the longstanding problem of illegal dumping that has plagued Southeast Queens for decades. It’s about time.

The streets of Southeast Queens neighborhoods have long been littered with garbage that was illegally left behind by drivers and, as a result, residents have long been forced to clean up trash left on their property that infringes upon their quality of life. Despite handing out tickets to attempt to curb the issue, the city has repeatedly been unable to figure out who is dumping garbage in the community and punish them.

But this week, de Blasio said that he would double the number of sanitation officers in Southeast Queens and push for seven-day pick up of trash. He added that he would also support a City Council initiative that would raise fines against first-time offenders of illegal dumping from $1,200 to $5,000. The fines would be even higher against repeat offenders.

We agree that both of these measures would help to deter people from littering in Southeast Queens and keep the community’s streets clean. For too long, the community has lacked the resources to combat various problems, from flooding to a lack of recreational space for youths. So, we’re glad to see that the mayor is finally paying attention to Southeast Queens, where he has agreed to tackle all of the aforementioned issues. Illegal dumping has been a major problem in Southeast Queens for many years. We’re glad to hear that solutions are finally on the way.

Mr. Mayor, now that you’re tackling dumping issues in Southeast Queens, please pay attention to another—the dumping of the homeless on the community.


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